About Us

Founded in 2018, We, Admaren, is a team of dynamic engineers, software developers, designers, and animators specialized in cargo engineering, CAD development, graphical design, animation, high-performance computing, cloud technologies and software development. We’re united by a simple yet powerful motto,

“Engineering & Visualization Done Right”

Our core objective is to bridge the gap we’ve identified in the market – where engineers often overlook the power of visualization, and those who are in visualization either lack the competence to understand engineering intricacies or aren’t concerned about it. Admaren is the solution to this disconnect. We are dedicated to providing services and products that effortlessly blend rigorous engineering and stunning visualization.

In our pursuit to modernize the traditionally low-tech non-containerized dry cargo industry, which includes bulk, breakbulk, and project cargo, we’ve developed two proprietary software products catered specifically for them. These tools incorporate advanced technology to streamline planning and execution. Furthermore, our CAD & Animation services enable stakeholders to communicate their vision with impressive visuals and content.

Our primary clients include ship charterers, freight forwarders, ship owners, technical managers, equipment suppliers, ship designers and engineering firms within the non-containerized dry bulk industry. These companies are at the heart of our operations, and it’s for them that we strive to create solutions that are both technically sound and visually engaging.

What sets us apart at Admaren is our unique focus on this niche industry. The intersection of animation, software development, and cargo engineering is a field largely unexplored by others, providing us a distinctive edge in serving our clients.

As we look towards the future, our vision is clear: we aspire to be the go-to provider of comprehensive digital solutions for the non-containerized dry bulk industry. We aim to continually innovate, enhancing our offerings and bringing the latest tech to an industry ripe for digital transformation.

Our Vision

We envision being a conduit of change in the maritime sector by introducing advanced software technologies to make the industry more competent.

Our Founders

Nikhil Mathew and Binoy Pilakkat, founded Admaren in 2018. They met during their European masters program EMship specialising in ship & offshore design and advanced mechanics. After gaining experience in naval architecture and software development, both founded their dream company, Admaren Tech (P) Ltd. in Cochin, India to develop new ideas and methods in maritime industry. At present, Admaren offers unique and specialised services for commercial shipping communities with unmatched quality.

Nikhil Mathew is currently serving as the Chairman and Binoy Pilakkat is the Managing Director of Admaren.

Nikhil Mathew and Binoy Pilakkat, the two zestful entrepreneurs with expertise in naval architecture and software development founded their dream company, Admaren Tech (P) Ltd. in the year 2018 to introduce new ideas and methods in maritime industry . Company offers specialised and comprehensive services for commercial shipping communities.

Nikhil Mathew is currently serving as the Chairman and Binoy Pilakkat, is the Managing Director of Admaren Tech (P) Ltd which is based in Cochin.

Our Founders

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